Wanna FIND ME this Weekend? Here’s How!

Hello out there!! Is anyone tired of my yet? I don’t blame you. At this point, the only people reading me daily are the Doomsdaisies (who love me) and the naked guy (who stalks me) so for anyone looking for the cliff notes’ version of today’s blog post here it is…

IMG_0734In today’s blog, I will discuss how I cured cancer with the help of my loyal golden retriever, Tucker. It will be heartwrenching and heartwarming. At the end, you may feel the need to do that clap thing where you start off slow and work up to a standing ovation. I won’t mind. I might even cry a little myself.

Well, that’s a stretch, but we’ve got our landing points, right? Cured cancer. Golden retriever. Probably no tears. Got it? Good.

In the meantime, you can find me (Heh. No that never gets old. For me at least.) at this weekend’s Decatur Book Festival. Check me out at the Georgia Romance Writer’s booth #413-416 on Sunday around 3pm.

Or you can pick up FIND ME in paperback!! Yay!!

Or you can pre-order LIE FOR ME: GRIFF’S STORY!!

Or you can just keep checking back here. I have new videos for y’all coming up in the next few days.