Happy Birthday Romily! From Boy Genius

To my beautiful wife: my best friend, my biggest supporter, and the love of my life!

After fourteen years of being together I still feel like the teenager who bribed your mother into telling me which cell phone store you worked at. So I could then trick you into thinking I coming by to see you to buy a new phone. Only to show up at your store and fumble my way into asking you out in front of your manager and co-workers.

Looking back I remember holding my breath – waiting for your answer (even after I repeated it twice… much slower and less high pitched). You hesitated…

tony megan 2013 mortonsI cannot bear to imagine my life if you had said “No” to me that day.

I would have never awkwardly touched your knee on our first date. You would have never pushed me up against the truck for our first kiss. We would have never experienced the feeling of scandalizing a school bus full of children as we made out in the car behind them.

We would have never gone to Barcelona together. I would have never held your hand and asked you to marry me under the shadow of the Arc de Triomf.

At the time I thought it was the best moment of my life when you said “Yes”. But as time goes by, I realized the best moments have been since you first hesitantly said “Yes” to me in that cell phone store.

My troubles have become tolerable and my successes richer because I had you in my life. The various ups and downs that we have faced together have tested us and strengthened us. We’ve held each other in our darkest hours and celebrated our accomplishments together.

I cannot believe you said “Yes” to a boy like me. I hope you realize that every day with you is a blessing and a memory that I want to treasure forever.

I hope you have an amazing birthday sweetheart! I love you!

Love your somewhat awkward, super geeky, and often-grumpy husband,

Boy Genius