More Epic Reads Interview Questions!

Okay, I know we were doing the whole vlogging thing and I was answering y’all’s questions with the facial tics and weirdo digressions you’ve come to love (or loathe), but I can’t get the upload to work and the more I try, the stabbier I get. In summary? Let’s do this old school style. I’ve got your questions and my answers below.

SBthxDuring your interview, you talked about winning the Golden Heart and having your mouth full of cheesecake when they announced your name. Were you being serious? Absolutely. I also didn’t have an acceptance speech planned so I had to wing it (see it here). I managed to thank everyone except Starbucks for getting me through FIND ME. In retrospect, I totally do owe Starbucks a sincere thank you. Here, we can do it now: And, last but not least, I’d like to thank Starbucks for seeing me through. You’ve always been there for me SB. Love ya.

Is Romily your real name? Yep. It’s my real name. Yep. I didn’t consider the option of using a pen name until recently. And by recently I mean when someone sent me a naked picture of his junk. Although, I guess this could have happened with a pen name too.

Boy GeniusWho’s Boy Genius? My long-suffering husband. I started the nickname as a joke because he really is the smartest person I know, but he also has the world’s worst luck and, if something can go wrong, it will. Like the time I nearly crushed him with a thousand pound hay round. Or the time I electrocuted him. Heh. Both times I electrocuted him. You know…come to think of it…most of his worst accidents usually involve me. I hope he doesn’t figure that out.

Be honest. You weren’t really eating while they announced the YA finalists for the Golden Heart? Um, did you hear the part about the cheesecake? RWA had plates of it at each table and you could stab it with your fork and dip the bites in chocolate. It was like a cheesecake popsicle and it was awesome.
Unlike these posts, which are probably going to give my mother fits. Have a great week, y’all!!