A Few Responses to Reader Emails

Reader Question Pic

Hey guys, I’ve been getting your emails about FIND ME and I thought it would be fun to answer some of my favorites as a blog post. Everybody ready? No?

Heh. Too late.

“Why doesn’t your book have any werewolves in it?” Dude, I don’t even know. That was seriously short-sighted on my part. Maybe next book. But, honestly? Probably not. So to make it up to you, if you come to my signing, I’ll give you a werewolf sticker. It’s almost as good.

Yeah, I’m lying. I don’t have any werewolf stickers. I only have unicorns. You know how hard it is to find werewolf stickers? Hard. It’s like trying to find a live unicorn. And that my friends is irony you won’t read about in the SAT.

Okay, moving on.

“I want to buy this book for my daughter who hasn’t forgiven me for cheating on her mother and the subsequent divorce. Will this be a good gift?” Definitely. You should buy two copies. Maybe three. Now is not the time to skimp. Also? A pony. Ponies are a great investment. Not really for you. For you, it’s expensive. But for her it’s going to pay dividends in awesome. Another tip? Don’t cheat on her mom.

What else do we have?

“Meh, FIND ME sounds okay, but CITY OF BONES sounds so much more exciting. And there’s a movie.” Dude, I know. Cassandra Clare is made of amazing. Plus she had the foresight to put werewolves in her books. But did I mention the stickers?

“You look like you smell really good.” Hmmm. That’s…creepy…and sweet…but mostly creepy.

Moving on.

“Will I like your book?” Man, I hope so.