One of my favorite releases this fall is NOT A DROP TO DRINK by Mindy McGinnis

There’s a kickbutt heroine, twists that keep you guessing, and a vision of a future that’s probably a little close for comfort. Basically, you won’t be able to put it down. I know I couldn’t. So it was especially exciting for me to be able to interview her! Hope you guys enjoy!

Mindy McGinnis pic

1.   What’s your favorite scene in NOT A DROP TO DRINK? And why?
Any thing with Stebbs in it! He was so easy to write, and when he showed up the scenes flowed naturally. He gets reactions from people and reacts appropriately. He’s a godsend.

2.   Your writing is so spare and tight. It fits Lynn’s voice perfectly. Do you see your style changing in future books? Or is this something that’s as much you as it is Lynn?
It’s definitely specific to the voice of the book. I have written other things in completely different styles. Hopefully people like all sides of me, when that time comes.

3.   One of the things I loved best about NOT A DROP TO DRINK is how you captured the environment so perfectly. It’s beautiful, deadly, and very carefully rendered. In your Slightly-Less-Official Version, with Better Details Bio, you mention you “grew up in the woods.” Could you elaborate a bit more? Any personal experiences that led you to portray nature the way you do?
I did very much grow up in the woods. My family farms, and I grew up on a farm, but also with wooded areas around us that we owned. There was a period from 3rd grade to about 6th grade where I got home from school, and went straight into the woods. I had a fort that I “lived” in and made up stories about my amazing survival skills… then I went home to supper J

4.   So many YA authors use, first person narrative that reviewers are starting to agitate. 🙂 Was the decision to write in third-person a conscious one? In one of your vlogs, you said NADTD “fell out” of you. Was this another by-product?
I let the story decide, always. I have other things that I’ve written in first, but DRINK was very much a 3rd person story. So no, it wasn’t a conscious decision, but rather something that did indeed, happen organically.

5.   I know it’s a standalone, but…I’m really hoping for more. Can you give us any hints as to what’s coming up next for you?
It’s definitely a standalone in that all the storylines presented here are tied off and settled. No cliffhangers, no teases. However, we only explored a tiny corner of this bleak world…