The One Where I Get A Media Kit

Happy Monday, everyone!! Boy Genius and I have been arguing. I know. I know. But this time, it’s not about whether I accidentally on purpose electrocuted him while we were installing that kitchen light.

(For the record, I have only electrocuted BG twice, but, really, who’s counting?… Well, other than BG.)

This time, we were arguing about whether I needed a media kit on the website. I didn’t think it was necessary. He disagreed. I reminded him I dislike talking about myself. He reminded me that sometimes I have to. I said that for someone who’d been shot across the kitchen by 120 volts, he has a lot of opinions. He asked me how that was relevant. I told him exactly. There was a long silence and then BG asked me if I’ve been using his Vicodin recreationally because that made zero sense.

Bottom line, I have been overruled and now we have a media kit. So if you’ve ever wanted a jpeg of the different covers, a bio on me, headshot, or some examples of the interviews I’ve done, ta-dah!! Here you go.

Except for the bio because I still have to write that and probably won’t until BG threatens to write it for me.

Romily Bernard’s Media Kit